Our indian temples

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Our indian temples

A. Sun-shielded to temples once a year
1. Nagalapuram Veda Narayana Swamy temple
2. Kolhapur Laxmi Temple
3. The Gavi Gangadhar Temple, Bangalore
4. Ariyasvelly Surya Narayana Temple
5. Mogaleshwar
6. Kodandarama Kadapa District

A. Sun-shielded to temples once a year

1. Nagalapuram Veda Narayana Swamy Temple

2. Kolhapur Laxmi Temple

3. The Gavi Gangadhar Temple, Bangalore

4. Ariyasvelly Surya Narayana Temple

5. Mogaleshwar

6. Kodandarama Kadapa District

B. Temples that are in constant flow of water

1. Mahanandi

2. Jambukeshwar

3. Bugga Ramalingeshwara

4. Karnataka Kamandala Ganapathi

5. Hyderabad Kashi Shivalaya 

6. Malleswaram  Bangalore

6. Rajarajeshwar Bellampalli Shivalaya

7. Siddaganga Tumkur

C. The temples of Darusana in a continuous volcano

1. Jwalamukhi Jwaladevi

2. Arunachala Ishwar

3. Manjunatha

D. Breathable Kalhastheeshwar

E. The temple behind the sea for worship

1. Gujarat niskalanka mahadev

2. Punganur Shivalaya where the Sea Water Pooja is held every 40 years

F. Female perioding once a month

1. The Goddess of Assam Kamakhya

2. Kerala Durga Mother

G. Color-changing shrine

1. Uttarayana and Dakshinayana Once upon a time the color changed Atiyasha Vinayaka Temple TN

2. Godavari Pancharam Someshwara Temple, which is white to full moon and black to new moon

H. Constant growing idols

1. Kanipakkam

2. Yaganti Basavanna

3. Basavanagudi Basava, Bangalore

4. Bikkavolu Lakshmi Ganapathi

I. Temples that open once a month

1. Kedarnath

2. Badrinath

Here the door is closed for 6 months

3. Cave Kali Mandir

J. Temple open once a year

Temple of Amarnath

Hassanamba Temple Hassan ..

Prasad who has been here for a whole year stays fresh without being spoiled.

K. Bijli Mahadeva Temple, which burst into flames once in 12 years H. p.

L. Serve self-pious

1. Sri Sri Krishna Temple in Kerala

2. Brindavana Radhakrishna

M. A lamp shining in the water

Ghadi Ghat Mataji Mandir .. MP

N. A shrine that looks like a man's body

1. Himachal Narasimha Temple

2. Like Kameshwari. Srisailam

O. Kudiyo god of slapping

Panacala Narasimha God AP

P. Shadow Special

1. Shadow Someshwar .. See the shadow of the pillar

2. Hampi Virupaksha .. The shadow of the tower rising in the opposite direction ..

Q. God floating in the water

Nepal vishnu (Thousand Tons Idol)

Tirupati Balaji

Ananta Padmanabha Kerala



Chilukkuri Balaji




R. Puri Jagannath Special

The birds do not thrive

There is no sea clash

The shadow of the tower does not fall

Prasada with the dedication of God ..

Our Indian Temples .. There are thousands of special temples in india

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Golden Temple Kushalnagar, Coorg's

Golden Temple Kushalnagar, Coorg's

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Mysore Palace

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