King Cobra Chronicles: Unveiling 2 Incidents

King Cobra Chronicles: Unveiling 2 Incidents

We all know that the king of the jungle is the lion. Because of its strength, majestic gait and roar that shakes the entire forest.

Similarly, how much do you know about the snake king? Yes, its name itself says Raja Naga. That means King Cobra. Its scientific name is called ophiophagus hanna. It is the world's largest venomous snake. Its poison is so dangerous that once the poison from its mouth is distributed to 10 people, ten people will lose their lives.

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These snakes are mainly found in the jungles of Philippines and Indonesia. This snake grows up to about 12 to 18 feet which is about 3 to 5 meters.

It is very active in hunting. Seeing its movement, speed and head-standing posture, there is no doubt that any person will get shivers in the womb once.

It is a very gentle reptile, however terrifying it may be. It never attacks man without reason.

It is very rare to attack humans.

But it attacks humans in defense during breeding, spawning or when it feels threatened.

About King cobra's power and majesty.

As mentioned earlier, its poison is so terrible that if a giant African elephant is bitten on the leg or trunk, the elephant will fall to the ground and die (big laa) within just three to four hours.

What does a man care about anymore?, If it attacks properly, it will stand up straight to the head of the man. He is also clever in moving half of his body above the ground and lifting his head.

There is no end to giving examples of its horror.

But we will try to put 2 events before you.

King cobra attack in Thailand

This happened in Thailand. When a woman was cooking, a king cobra that came from behind moved close to the woman's feet. A woman is saved by a hair's breadth. It was caught on CCTV and went viral on social media.

Top 10 innocent (harmless) snakes in the world

King cobra attack in Natingham

Also there was an incident 12 years ago in Natingham. Luke Yeomans, 47, owner of Nottingham Snake Sanctuary, dies after being bitten by a king cobra.

Luke Yeomans collected snakes at a young age and started a snake natural habitat and grew it into a large sanctuary.

The King Cobra Sanctuary in Eastwood was supposed to open to the public one weekend.

In this case, the police of Nottinghamshire said that he died after being attacked by a snake.

There are many instances of such incidents.

Finally, no living being can harm anyone without reason. It is only when it is disturbed by us that it expresses its protective qualities.
So our ancestors used to worship animals instead of God. Animals are revered in the ancient culture of our country India.
It is our responsibility to protect every living thing in the world. Let's understand its feelings. Let's give it the right to live independently.

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