How to add element to php array

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How to add element to php array

Adding an element to PHP array and removing an element from php array is very simple. PHP has in-built function to perform this. A function array_push() is used to add an element to PHP array

Creating an array:

$custom_array = ['a','b','c'];


$custom_array = array('a','b','c');

Add an element to an array:

In php array_push function used to add an element to array. Syntax of array_push is

array_push(array, var);

If you want to add 'd' to $custom_array


array_push($custom_array , $element);

Result is:

Array ( [0] => a [1] => b [2] => c [3] => d )

Remove an element from array:

If you want to remove 'b' from $custom_array use unset function:

unset($custom_array [1]);

Result is 

Array ( [0] => a [2] => c )

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